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Under the Viridian Lake

      ... What lies beneath the viridian green lake? ... Don't be surprised if over and over again you’ll be told that under the water there used to be once the fertile forest of Khao Sok National Park and Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary, the beloved home of villagers and wild animals. Until one day, this area was chosen to become Cheow Lan Dam.

      The Khlong Saeng river was blocked and 185 square kilometers were completely flooded, and eventually become a reservoir.

      The villagers had to leave their homes, temples, schools, and communities inundated and shifted to places for resettlement.

      Wild animals had to be unavoidably evacuated to a new location. As a result of this resettlement, lots of wild animals were killed. Many drowned. Many were unable to adapt to their new unfamiliar home.

      This is the story of sacrifice of ancestors and wildlife to be told endlessly. As well as for the first time ever in Thailand a wildlife rescue operation was carried out. Mr. Seub Nakhasathien, a renowned conservationist and environmental activist, was appointed as wildlife evacuation project leader for the Cheow Lan Dam project. Over two years, Seub was able to save hundreds of animals from nearly 100 meters deep flooding, but many more were unable to escape and died.

      Many times they came too late after the sound of gunshots fired by heartless hunters.

      And many times they came too late to save the last breath of starving animals.

      Even over a thousand of wild animals were saved, but it was only a few when compared to those suddenly died and those died soon after. This could not be called “a success” as we completely lost the valued genetic resources and biodiversity that any human being couldn’t recreate.

      Unforgettably, people here have never forgotten what we had to lose to get Cheow Lan Dam today   ...The sound of memoir written under the green lake will still echo in our heart, reminding us all to harmoniously protect the remaining forests and wildlife to keep them alive eternally...


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