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Sharing Community

      Do you know that all odds and ends gathered up as "Panvaree The Greenery” have the hidden stories of happiness and generosity ?

      Starting from a basically simple thing, the dishes in front of you, like southern Thai sour fish curry, stir-fried Baegu leaves with egg, and pork stew with Chamuang (Cowa) leaves. It’s not just food we have served, but also the unique culture of the southern Thailand. What being seen is not just a delightful dish, but also the gentle smiles of local people hidden deep within. Food which is served to you means the great support you give to them; farmers, fishermen, and cooks. These all lead to the well-being of their whole families.

      You may try noticing things on the floating raft house. While we are happily and joyfully using those things, the life of folk crafts stably goes on and the local income increases.

      Go out and travel with us to get a new experience of community-based tourism creating the well-being of local people represented by a middle-aged boatman, an auntie owning a bamboo raft, a herb-wizard grandpa, and a kind grandma, the local weaver. It’s all because of our awareness on the importance of people, communities, and surrounding areas. This is the vision of "Panvaree The Greenery” that focuses on social responsibility, good governance, and conservation of natural resources. We all have to grow together.

      Certainly if we hold on together, this will become the warmest and friendliest route.

When it comes to the true happiness, we’ve guaranteed that our community is livable, second to none in the world...


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