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Nature Next Door

      Open the door and say ‘Hello’ closely to nature at any time as we, “Panvaree The Greenery” is the owner of the best selected location on Cheow Lan Lake.

      “Panvaree The Greenery” intentionally faces east to let you touch the warmth of the morning sun with a viridian green lake in the foreground. Here, the endless panoramic landscape and the mist-covered mountains acclaimed as one of the most fascinating viewpoints for appreciating the sunrise and the sea of mist, peacefully await all the visitors with the gentle welcome of nature.

      Face west, at the backside of resort, in the shade of the evergreen forest, mountains and majestic limestone cliffs, you could unhesitatingly jump into the water right from your room. Enjoy plenty of breathtaking views from a limited number of villas, no crowded tour group, no chaotic boats. This is all we have deliberately designed to allow you to experience the true peace and relax in harmony with nature, which you couldn’t find anywhere else.

      Not only the floating raft houses located in the midst of nature enchanting visitors to inevitably come back time and time again, you'll also get a chance to know our next-door neighbors like hornbills, monkeys, langurs, and gibbons that come out daily for their meals. Occasionally, you’ll see an Asian black bear or deer drinking water nearby. This guarantees the abundance and fertility of local rainforests. Come closely….. and listen to the nature’s lullaby.

      All of this ... we’ve thought and created ... so that you could be as close as possible to nature.


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