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Eco-friendly Living

      Together with us, every time you visit "Panvaree The Greenery", you’ll become a part of taking care of our Mother Nature; water, mountains and forests.

      We have changed the meaning of residence. Not only a place for peacefully sleep and relaxation, it should also have a deeper meaning and value to people and surroundings. Our cozy style resort is perfectly designed to be naturally blended with the unadorned nature. Our raft houses are wholly built of real wood with synthetic palm leaf roofing, on the basis of eco-friendly construction and worthwhile use. All the wastes caused by the activities in our resort will be strictly managed to ensure that the environment will not be impacted. In the meantime, a peaceful atmosphere is unchangeably maintained so that our next-door neighbors, “wild animals”, will not be disturbed.

      The true meaning of tourism has been significantly changed  ... Tourism means neither taking advantage of nature nor seeing the natural beauty just with the eyes. Something must be seen with your heart. That’s why we have always created the Ecotourism activities to learn and understand how to live together with nature sustainably. We are determined to keep passing the awareness of environmental conservation forward endlessly.

      This is the intention of “Panvaree The Greenery” to take care of the environment respectfully and to preserve the abundance of Mother land for our future generations.

      ... Come visit us on your next trip

      and don't be surprised if you’ll return home with a new Viridian green heart ...


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