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CKB-43 program

Cheow Lan Dam - Khao Sok - Krabi 4 days 3 nights

Highlights Activity: Guilin of Thailand Boat trip activities, see the scenery in the evening, take photos with 3 Friends Mountain - Cheow Lan Dam Legend Activities - See animals in the morning Heart-shaped mountain suspension bridge

Khao Sok: Khao Sok canoe trip - Wat Tham Singkhon historical site

Krabi : 4 Island Tour - Snorkeling - Separated Sea (Chicken Island, Thap Island, Mor Island) Railay Beach

Cheow Lan Dam (Phanwaree The Greenery Raft) - Khao Sok - Krabi

Program 4 days 3 nights (transfer included)


first day

08.00 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in case of picking up a hotel in the city) Join

08.30 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in case of pick up at Phunphin Train Station) Join

09.00 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in the case of picking up at Surat Thani Airport) join

10.00 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in the case of picking up at Surat Thani Airport) Private

11.00 น.

  • Arrive at the pier Ratchaprapha Dam Municipality

11.30 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point at Ratchaprapha Dam Municipality Pier.

  • Take you on a boat to experience the beauty of nature. Emerald green water

  • and limestone mountains in the Chiew Lan Dam Reservoir “Guilin of Thailand”

12.30 น

  • Check-in into the Panwaree The Greenery raft room.

  • Ready to eat traditional southern lunch (meal 1)

  • Rest at your leisure. such as rowing a kayak, playing in the water

17.00 น.

  • Evening sightseeing boat activity Take a photo with 3 friends of the mountain   Experience the land of Little Guilin, Ton Rak Island

  • Activities to tell the history of the legend of Cheow Lan Dam To remember the ancestors who sacrificed Housing for the public in the construction of the Chiewlarn Dam Reservoir (Chewlarn Stories Telling)

18.30 น.

  • Have dinner (meal 2) amidst the natural atmosphere on the houseboat.

20.00 น.

  • Rest at your leisure.

Second day

06.30 น.

  • Morning Safari activity: Take a boat trip to experience the natural atmosphere of the morning mist, watch birds and take pictures of the atmosphere. Guilin of Thailand

07.30 น.

  • Eat breakfast (3rd meal), play in the water / kayak / floating sofa.

09.30 น.

  • Check-out from the accommodation, return to admire the beauty of nature.

10.00 น.

  • Arrive at the pier and depart for a stopover.

  • Enjoy the view on Ratchaprapha Dam Take a photo as a souvenir

  • Stop by the dam view point. Taking photos of a bird's-eye view is another important symbol. of visiting Ratchaprapa Dam

  • Pay homage to Phra Buddha Sirisattarat (Luang Por Chet Kasat).

  • Pay homage to the monument Her Royal Highness Princess Vibhavadi Rangsit A monk who is very beloved by the villagers in the area. Surat Thani Province

  • Stop to take photos of the ancient suspension bridge and the heart-shaped mountain viewpoint. At Thepphithak Temple

  • Tham Singkhon Temple

  • Listen to the origin and legend of “Girl, Villager to Empress Dowager” from the guide (Ton Rak Tour).

  • See sculptures and paintings and Thep Phanom stucco designs Early Rattanakosin period art

11.00 น.

  • Eat lunch (4th meal). The route passes before reaching Khao Sok National Park.

12.00 น.

  • Enjoy the activity of wearing a crown on a raft and enjoying nature, riding a canoe or bamboo raft. Feel the atmosphere Khlong Sok and sip coffee in a bamboo tube

14.00 น.

  • Check in to your resort accommodation in Khao Sok.

18.00 น.

  • Have dinner (meal 5) amidst the natural atmosphere surrounded by the forest of Khao Sok.

Third day

07.00 น.

  • Receive the dawn with the morning mist. and the nature of Khao Sok

  • Eat breakfast (meal 6)

09.00 น.

  • Study natural information and stories of wild animals Khao Sok National Park Office

10.30 น.

  • Check out from the accommodation to continue your journey to Krabi Province

12.00 น.

  • Stop by for lunch (meal) 7)Follow the route on the way to Ao Nang Beach, Krabi.

14.30 น.

  • Arrive at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi. Check in to stay at the resort at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi. Relax at your leisure. Take a walk and experience nature. On Ao Nang Beach or shopping in various shops on Ao Nang Beach.

19.00 น.

  • Have dinner (meal 8) in the restaurant atmosphere of Ao Nang Beach, Krabi.

Fourth day

07.00 น.

  • Eat breakfast (meal 9) Good Morning. Breakfast is served at the hotel.

08.30 น.

  • Depart from your hotel Starting the day comfortably, Speed Boat will take you to the Separated Sea (Chicken Island, Thap Island, Mor Island), one of the Unseen, to see the wonders of the connected sandbars and experience the beautiful nature, along with snorkeling to see coral reefs at Poda Island.

12.00 น.

  • Eat lunch (meal 10), boxed food + fruit + drinking water + cake at Poda Island.

13.00 น.

  • Continue snorkeling at Koh Si, then travel to Railay Beach. Rock Climbing Site One of the world's famous places and was impressed with the beauty of Phra Nang Cave. Keep good feelings. before traveling back

15.00 น.

  • Depart from Krabi town

19.00 น.

  • Arrive at Surat Thani Airport safely.


Facilities and things included in the package / others

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