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Vision and Policy

Vision : To be a leading organization dealing with the business of resorts, rafts, accommodations, and tours that emphasizes on paying attention to the details of quality accommodations and services that must meet every need and value for money. Choose the best thing for customers or service users.

Panwaree Zone The Greenery and Ton Rak Tour Be committed to running the business With the aim of growing the business in a long, stable and sustainable way. We govern business and create corporate culture. that focuses mainly on morality non-exploitation Participation from everyone Appropriate compensation for all parties and the implementation of various policies must be consistent with and not contrary to natural resource conservation guidelines. environmentally friendly as well as participation in society, communities, living together using democratic principles that everyone has the right and freedom to express their opinions and have guidelines for their work That emphasizes transparency and accountability. It is an organization that emphasizes on making every party aware. Be prepared to deal with or be open to new things from changing worlds and technology all the time in order to constantly improve and develop the organization to keep up with the modern era and to achieve maximum efficiency at all times. time.......

Our sustainable development policy is as follows:

  1. Give importance to all matters related to quality and service.

  2. Choose the best and provide the most value for your customers.

  3. Conduct business in a way that is consistent with conservation and environmental friendliness.

  4. Every step is transparent and verifiable.

  5. Emphasis on participation from all parties in return and social responsibility..

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