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One Day Trip program: Cruising Khlong Roi Sai, Tapi River.

Cruising Khlong Roi Sai, Tapi River

Highlights Activities: Cruising Khlong Roi Sai (in some areas) Tapi River - Visit the monkey training center - Watch fireflies

Cruising Khlong Roi Sai, Tapi River

One Day Trip Program



09.00 น.

  • together at the meeting point Surat Thani City Travel to the Surat Thani City Pillar Shrine, the sacred place of the province, first. Then continue with Wat Tri Thammaram, pay respect to Phra Bodhi Phutthaya Nusorn, and then pay homage to Luang Por Phat along with the Buddha in royal royal garb at Wat Phatthanaram.

10.00 น.

  • Leading the group to Khao Tha Phet Study the history of Phra That Sri Surat, pay homage to Phra That Sri Surat for good fortune and

  • Enjoy the view of Khao Tha Phet and take photos as souvenirs.

11.30 น.

  • Continue to the restaurant. Rungtapee Seafood Located along the mouth of Tapi, this is an original shop that has been open for decades. Stop by for lunch here.

13.00 น.

  • Continue to Paknam Ban Don, stopping to pay homage to the Shrine of His Majesty "Krom Luang Chumphon" and asking for blessings for protection. Continue by taking photos, admiring the view, taking a walk, relaxing at the public park on Lamphu Island, looking for snacks to eat at the riverside market. Travel to Tapi River Pier.


4:00 p.m.

  • Take a group of tourists on a boat trip to see the natural beauty of Bang Bang's canal and the way of life of the villagers along the water at the mouth of the bay, Ban Don Kham.

  • Lead a group of tourists to experience the most romantic atmosphere. of the hundreds and thousands of fireflies that radiate light Glittering, showing off the eyes of the tourists who come. Visit during the return cruise.

  • Lead a group of tourists to see the lights at night. On a long-tailed boat along the waters of the Tapi River

19.30 น.

  • Lead the group back to their destination in Surat Thani city safely.


This program includes
*Fee for car service along the route / passenger boats and tour boats
*1 meal as specified in the program
*Guide fee / kayak / life jacket
*Accident insurance cost

*** Prices in this program do not include 7% VAT.
*** The company reserves the right to change the program and time based on suitability. Safety and customer benefits are important***

Suggestions: You should follow the advice of the officials.

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