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One Day Trip Program



Mokkhapalaram Park Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya - the path following the footsteps of Ajahn Buddhadasa - Phumriang silk

morning 9:00 a.m.

  • Gather at the meeting point in Surat Thani city and head to Chaiya District

  • The tour group visits Chaiya City, the center of (former) Srivijaya Empire, sources of civilization, religion and culture.

  • Visit Suan Mokkh Temple to pay respect to the wax figure of Phra Buddhatas Bhikkhu, a highly respected monk named one of the World’s Great Personalities from UNESCO.

  • Watch the spiritual theater wherein dharma paintings are collected from around the world.

  • Pay respect to Phra Borommathat Chaiya Temple and the relics of the Lord Buddha for the prosperity of life and family.

  • The tour group studies the route of Phra Buddhatas Bhikkhu and his old house, school and temple

  • ​Go down in the history of Chaiya City during the Nine Armies War era.

  • Admire the scenery at Laem Pho, a marine tourist attraction with marine natural resources.

  • ​Visit Ban Phum Riang conservation community tourist attractions to learn about the way of life of local fishermen.

  • Watch Phum Riang local group who weaving silk with beautiful, famous and unique patterns such as Ratcahawat pattern and Phum Riang pattern as well as buying souvenirs.

  • Eat lunch At a restaurant in Muang Chaiya


  • Lead the group back to their destination in Surat Thani city safely.

Evening 4:00 p.m.


This program includes
*Fee for car service along the route / passenger boats and tour boats
*1 meal as specified in the program
*Guide fee / kayak / life jacket
*Accident insurance cost

*** Prices in this program do not include 7% VAT.
*** The company reserves the right to change the program and time based on suitability. Safety and customer benefits are important***

Suggestions: You should follow the advice of the officials.

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