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24 Hours and 365 Days of Happiness

      To start the day, our boat takes you into the magnificent scenery of the splendid Cheow Lan Lake. The mid-morning sunlight reflects off the viridian green water and strikes the towering limestone mountains as if it were painted white and orange.

      In the blink of an eye, the clock hands have moved to 12 noon. Don’t-miss delectable lunch is well prepared and ready to be served expressing the richness of real southern Thai ingredients.

      The clock keep ticking, the afternoon comes. The sheltering shade of humble giant mountains stretches out. It’s the time to try kayaking or jump into the crystal clear water and soak in the natural bath.

      Before the last light of the day, say goodbye to the sun which slowly goes down and colorfully paints the sky violet, orange, and pink.

      Even at nighttime, loneliness is not welcomed as you’ll have all the shining twinkling stars as your friends throughout the night before bedtime until dawn.

      Wake up and greet the new day. The morning mist lingering over the lake chitchats with the giant mountains. Irresistibly your camera will be picked up to capture stunning landscape photos…right in front of you. ... Here ... regardless of time, the beauty of virgin nature will always be experienced.

      Furthermore, Cheow Lan Dam is also a superb destination without ‘High Season’ or ‘Low Season’ constraint. You could visit us to be embraced by nature all year round. Throughout the year, the average temperature is 26 ˚C. The abundant rain is not an obstacle. Conversely, as a gift of nature, at midday the double rainbows will appear shyly after the rain.  At nighttime, if the sky is clear, then you’ll see the bright yellow moon. Even in the darkest night, you may have a chance to experience seeing the Milky Way shining almost all year round.

      Absolute four-season happiness is something to be experienced closely to nature…..


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