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CN-32 program

Cheow Lan Dam - Khanom 3 days 2 nights

Activity Highlights: Guilin of Thailand Boat trip activities to see the scenery in the evening, take photos with 3 groups of mountains, Chiaohan Dam legend activities, see animals in the morning

Khanom : Khao Wang Thong Cave - Dolphin watching - Freshwater pond with Luang Pho Thuat's footprints - Natural fish spa

Cheow Lan Dam - Khanom 3 days 2 nights


first day

08.00 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in the case of picking up a hotel in the city) Join

08.30 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in case of pick up at Phunphin Train Station) Join

09.00 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in the case of picking up at Surat Thani Airport) join

10.00 น.

  • Meet at the meeting point (in the case of picking up at Surat Thani Airport) Private

11.00 น.

  • Arrive at the pier Ratchaprapha Dam Municipality

11.30 น.

  • Take you on a boat to experience the beauty of the emerald green water, limestone mountains in the Cheow Lan Dam Reservoir. “Guilin of Thailand”

12.30 น.

  • Check-in to the Panwaree The Greenery raft room and eat traditional southern lunch (meal 1) / relax at your leisure. such as rowing a kayak, playing in the water

17.00 น.

  • Boat activity Enjoy the evening scenery and take photos with the three mountains.

  • Cheow Lan Dam Legend Activities To commemorate the ancestors who sacrificed at Living for the public in building the Chiewlarn Dam Reservoir (Chiewlarn Stories Telling)

18.00 น.

  • Have dinner (meal 2) amidst the natural atmosphere on the houseboat.

20.00 น.

  • Rest at your leisure.

Second day

06.30 น.

  • Morning Safari activity: Take a boat trip to experience the natural atmosphere. Morning mist, bird watching within the area of Cheow Lan Dam Reservoir.

07.30 น.

  • Eat breakfast (meal 3)

09.30 น.

  • Check-out from the accommodation, return to admire the beauty of nature. “Guilin of Thailand” again and listen to the history of the area before the construction of the dam / historical village underwater. /Forest area of Khao Sok National Park and Wildlife stories from local guides

10.30 น.

  • Arrive at the pier and ready to depart.

  • Enjoy the view on Ratchaprapha Dam Take a photo as a souvenir

  • Stop by the dam view point. Take photos of the view from a high angle, another important symbol of your visit. Ratchaprapha Dam

  • Pay homage to Phra Buddha Sirisattarat (Luang Por Chet Kasattriya).

  • Pay homage to the monument of Her Royal Highness Princess Vibhavadi Rangsit, the beloved Buddha of the villagers in Surat Thani Province.

  • Stop to take photos of the ancient suspension bridge and the heart-shaped mountain viewpoint. At Wat Thepphithak

  • Tham Singkhon Temple

  • Listen to the origin and legend of “Girl, Villager to Empress Dowager” from the guide (Ton Rak Tour).

  • See sculptures and paintings and Thep Phanom stucco designs from the early Rattanakosin period.

12.30 น.

  • Eat lunch (meal 4) at a local Surat Thani restaurant.

14.30 น.

  • Fish spa (Fish spa) fish nibbles natural feet

16.00 น.

  • Check in into resort accommodation By the sea, Khanom Beach

18.00 น.

  • Have dinner (meal 5) in a seaside restaurant atmosphere.

Third day

08.00 น.

  • Eat breakfast (6 meals) at the hotel before boarding the boat to watch the dolphins.

12.00 น.

  • Eat lunch (meal 7) around Don Sak district or local Surat Thani restaurant (customer pays himself)

  • Pay homage to the City Pillar Shrine

  • Worship, pay homage and ask for blessings at Wat Luang Pho Phat.

  • Buy souvenirs and souvenirs

17.00 น.

  • Send customers to Surat Thani Airport Travel back safely.

Cheow Lan Dam - Khanom 3 days 2 nights / price per person

จันทร์ - พฤหัส
ศุกร์ - อาทิตย์
หยุดยาว - นักขัตฤกษ์
2 - 3 ท่าน
4 ท่านขึ้นไป

Facilities and things included in the package / others

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