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Panvareethegreenery is one of the "most romantic wedding venues" as dubbed by the media and many bloggers who have tried to help present pictures and Our wedding media went out to the Panwaree raft. The Greenery Zone Can be used as a venue for weddings, various ceremonies, banquets, seminars, small group gatherings with a capacity of approximately 30-40 people. It is a place used for organizing events. There are many different formats such as


- Wedding or wedding ceremony Both Thai and international styles

- Boat procession ceremony Ceremony to ask for and pour water on the conch

- Wedding celebration There is space for use as an outdoor activity area and banquet space. Celebrating a wedding in a restaurant

- Afterparty In the middle of the pontoon in front of the raft.


** For customers who are interested in organizing a small, romantic wedding using the Panwaree The Greenery raft and our Ton Rak Tour team. To be a part in creating a history of love that is worthy of unforgettable memories...


               Contact Khun Yok 062-549-8789,086-316-1705

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