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Panwaree Raft, The Greenery Zone

    It is a new raft rest zone, another zone of Panwaree Raft. In Cheow Lan Dam Surat Thani Province Interior and exterior appearance Choose materials that blend in with nature and are environmentally friendly. It has been designed and developed to meet every need. For the relaxation of visitors, the room format emphasizes privacy, cleanliness, convenience, and comfort with complete amenities. There is a limit on the number of tourists. Travel that comes to use the service per day appropriately according to the carrying capacity of the area Or only about 30-35 people/per day. to increase space privacy to visitors Get to relax and feel as close to nature as possible. Pay attention to every activity Create and design innovations Various tools and equipment To support the activities that take place, such as floating sofa equipment, floating chairs, floating cushions, floating nets, etc., there are special additional services in various forms, such as floating food tray service (Thegreenery Floating meal) and Honeymoon set Dinner, organized services. Specially created for "honeymoon couples" who want something make every moment, every gesture of the visitors. This "Raft Panwaree Zone The Greenery" is full of smiles, happiness, value and impressions. To every visitor

Things you should know before visiting Cheow Lan Dam

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