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This name has an origin. Searching for the origin of the sea in 500 rai

For anyone who dreams of a little adventure in a pristine atmosphere. The beauty of the water, mountains and sky...Chiao Lan Dam... It should be the destination of your dreams. Answering the needs of travelers who want to escape The hustle and bustle of the big city Come rest your heart and let nature heal and comfort you.

and anyone who comes to visit Chiew Lan Dam You wouldn't miss out on stopping by to see "Talay Nai 500 Rai", a closed lake surrounded by 360-degree limestone mountains, challenging travelers to walk with two feet across a wide expanse of forest in order to experience the image of a cove of colored water. Viridian green is calm and the world seems to spin slowly, allowing us to fully absorb the beauty of nature.


Many people may have questioned the origins of “Talay Nai 500 Rai” and why it became a small lake hidden in Cheow Lan Lake. Another vast one And for that answer We must go back to 1986, which was the year when the Khlong Saeng River began to be blocked. To retain water to gradually flood the area on both sides of the canal, totaling over 100,000 rai. It became a Chiao Dam reservoir. Grandchild or Ratchaprapha Dam as we know it today

Beneath the clear green water that we saw Formerly, it was communities and villages where people had to take to emigrate and settle in new places and is the rich forest area of the park Khao Sok National Park and Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary It was once home to hundreds of species of wild animals. Many of the creatures there are rare or near wild animals. will become extinct from the country


At that time, although wildlife evacuation teams were able to help some of them, Escape from being lost in the water. But there is not much left that can adapt. Survive in a changing environment, wild elephants and gaurs, giants of the jungle. How much will survive when the once extensive living resources cover both sides of Khlong Saeng? restricted area There's only a little left. Many chamois Had to endure hunger and no shelter. Too long for one tapir to survive. Only remains were found. Behind the sound of the hunter's trigger Opportunists hunt at a time when these animals are at their most vulnerable.

The same is true for the 500 rai inland sea area where past abundance is embedded. It itself has become a memory under the water to this day as well. Originally, this area was a verdant forest. Including the orchards of the villagers who do agriculture for their livelihood. It is a basin with mountains surrounding it in every direction. Therefore, when the water level in the Cheow Lan Reservoir gradually rose, the water gradually flowed through the crevices of the limestone mountains. which is only a small narrow niche, filling this 500 rai forest basin until it is full, with still the mountain peaks poking out from the water on all sides, becoming a closed lake inside. It is not connected to the outer lake, and is the source of the name "Talay Nai 500 Rai".

All of this is the origin of legends about people's sacrifices. and all creatures big and small Including the loss of genetic resources and Biodiversity is very important. in order to get a dam that is still useful enormous for us today and has also become a tourist attraction. Nature that has been praised as being ranked among the most beautiful in the world.

Nowadays, "Talay Nai 500 Rai" is well known and is one of the travel programs. Don't miss a trip to Cheow Lan Dam. The charm of this lake is that no boat can reach it. Tourists will have to pay a small toll by walking along the nature trail for about 1.5 kilometers, which is not only easy to walk. The whole family can go on a adventure together, and there's also a chance to see small wild animals come out to say hello along the way.

When the hiking trail ends The reward that is waiting in front of you is the picture. of the green Viridian cove, surrounded by limestone mountains in all directions. The water level in this inland sea It is no different from the outer lake. as well as colorful bright green water It is caused by calcium carbonate being eroded from the body. The limestone mountain falls into the water. before reflecting with the sunlight to create amazing shades


A simple bamboo raft waits above the calm waters. Prepare to take on the duty of leading these soldiers. Travel to experience nature closely. By sailing through the heart of the 500 rai inland sea, allowing the body to slowly collide with the wind. At this point, who would choose to pick up the camera and press the shutter? or choose to record the image The wonders of nature with the eyes are not the same. And soon the bamboo raft will take us to the coral cave. To see the strangely shaped stalagmites and stalactites. This ancient cave probably existed millions of years ago. When this whole area was still sharp and submerged under the sea.

The 500 rai Nai Sea area is also the headquarters of the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers approximately 750,000 rai of forest. Staff here are on hand to help. Take good care of the safety of tourists. They also play a role. Important in conserving forests and wildlife. Especially in the past year, the wildlife survey project of Khlong Saeng Wildlife Research Station has installed cameras and photographic equipment for rare, endangered, and protected wildlife in the area for 2 months from September to 2018. October. Glad to see the images of wild animals captured. reflects the trend of fragmentation and the increasing population of tapirs, chamois, wild elephants, and gaurs that have been affected both directly and Indirectly from blocking the river that flooded the Cheow Lan Reservoir area that day ...their descendants can also appear in the recorded images...


Officials estimate that there may be as many as 200 wild elephants and as many as 400 bison. Other animals that have been recorded There are also clouded leopards, fire tigers, marbled cats, barking deer. Traces of panthers and leopards have also been found. These signs are indicators of the forest's ecosystem that is gradually recovering its abundance. Because officials and people in the area cooperate protect and care for

If we visit "Talay Nai 500 Rai" next time, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and receiving refreshing energy from nature, it would be great if this Hidden Gems of Cheow Lan... It will invite us to remember the changes over the past 30 years...thank you to the people, plants, and wildlife of that day. who sacrificed themselves in exchange for building the dam and thank you for the efforts of many people today who come together to care for forest resources To restore it to a fertile home of wild animals next


In the future, in ten years, another hundred years, when someone asks about the origin of the sea in 500 rai again. ...How will they be told and remembered about this lake? ...It will become a paradise on earth where humans and wildlife coexist in harmony. Can Arya?


...The answer depends on us...

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