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One Day Trip Program: Cheow Lan Dam

Cheow Lan Dam - Raft Panwaree The Greenery

Activity Highlights: See the view of Guilin, Thailand. Evening sightseeing boat activity Take a photo with 3 friends' mountains

Cheow Lan Dam - Raft Panwaree The Greenery

One Day Trip Program



9:00 a.m.

  • together at the meeting point Surat Thani City Travel to the pier Onratchaprapa mountain

  • Leading a group of tourists onto a boat Experience the beauty of nature in the Cheow Lan Dam Reservoir “Guilin of Thailand”

  • Playing in the water/kayak/floating sofa


  • Eat lunch On the raft and relax at your leisure.


  • Lead the group of tourists on a return trip and listen to the history of the area before the construction of the dam/underwater village. /Visit the Khao Sok National Park forest and stories of wild animals such as hornbills

  • Visit the ancient site of Wat Tham Singkhon / explore evidence of being a royal monastery.

  • Listen to the origin and legend of “Girl, Villager to Empress Dowager” from the guide (Ton Rak Tour).

  • See sculptures and paintings and Thep Phanom stucco designs Early Rattanakosin period art

  • Experience the Khiri Rat Nikhom Hot Spring and play in the water at Ban Nam Rad Forest. Natural stream with clear water Miraculously (UnseenThailand)


4:00 p.m.

  • Lead the group back to their destination in Surat Thani city safely.


This program includes
*Fee for car service along the route / passenger boats and tour boats
*1 meal as specified in the program
*Guide fee / kayak / life jacket
*Accident insurance cost

*** Prices in this program do not include 7% VAT.
*** The company reserves the right to change the program and time based on suitability. Safety and benefits of customers are important***

Suggestions: You should follow the advice of the officials.

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