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In Touch with Nature or Touch of Nature

      “Panvaree The Greenery” a dream destination for anyone who falls passionately in love with nature. Situated on a lake of Rajjaprabha Dam, formerly known as Cheow Lan Dam, Surat Thani Province, covering 185 square kilometers. Rajjaprabha Dam is renowned as one of the top dream destinations in Thailand, with the unique, fascinating and stunning scenery, surrounded by the towering mountains, reflecting freshwater, and the forests which remain abundant unchangeably.

      Cheow Lan Dam is a part of Khao Sok National Park, one of the largest natural rainforests in the southern Thailand. Rich in natural resources and biodiversity. Full of rare plants and endemic plants. A big home for over 400 species of wildlife.

      Mother Nature has also created stunningly beautiful landscapes like waterfalls, caves, cliffs, as well as the towering limestone mountains, earning it the nickname ‘Thailand’s Guilin’. Hundreds of small and large islands which once were limestone peaks stand in the heart of the emerald green lake - an absolute must-see. This is guaranteed by world-class fashion magazines like Vogue which rated Khao Sok National Park as one of the eight most beautiful parks in the world.

      Inevitably, another wonder of nature is the viridian green lake created by minerals from limestone, depth of water and the sunlight reflection that harmoniously blends into a unique shade of color. The crystal clear water invites you to come dive into irresistibly. Come to rest your body and mind in the midst of the paradise on lake, and enjoy the greatness of nature.

      ... Experience and prove it for yourself with your sight and overwhelmed heart

at “Panvaree The Greenery” ...


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