Follow that dream or A Man who falls in love with Nature

      Turn back the clock to 2002, after graduating from a prestigious university in Bangkok, a young man set off on a new journey to Rajjaprabha Dam (also known as Cheow Lan Dam) situated in the abundant and untouched nature of “Khao Sok National Park”. His backpack full of dreams was humbly turned into the small traditional floating bamboo bungalows that always welcomed the visitors who fell in love with nature.

      Year after year, the great wide emerald lake has become a living classroom for the young pioneer, where he has grown up and gained practical experiences. Eventually, a simple upstream bamboo raft was transformed into a new standardized floating resort on Khlong Long Lake (under the regulations issued by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation). That young boy became an ethical business owner. The new floating bamboo bungalows were named “Panvaree” after his mother.

      In 2016, to better align with the expansion and growth of tourism sector, the resort was newly expanded and named “Panvaree The Greenery”. The valuable experiences gained from the old days were utilized in this development and improvement, aiming to reach the “Perfection” and to be one of the unforgettable dream destinations.

      Presently the same young man, Mr. Natthanawat Sakda (or called “Ton”), who has stably followed his beliefs and dreams, is still determined to grow “Panvaree The Greenery” with tender loving care on the basis of quality-based approach for giving the best and worth to the customers. As we are intimately connected to Mother Nature, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Eco-Friendliness are our commitment that we have aligned with our purpose of business stability and core values. This is the path for a new journey of “Panvaree The Greenery” to become one of the top globally recognized floating resorts in Thailand.



The Greenery Panvaree is a standardized floating resort on splendid fresh waters in Southern Thailand. Situated in the most scenic view of Rajaprapa Dam, the resort is private and peaceful under the concept of Eco-Friendliness. Renowned ’Thai Guilin’ just only 10 minute away and 15 minutes from the beautiful coral cave. Our professional and friendly staffs are always willing to give you the best service. Satisfaction is guaranteed here.


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